Writing a book is easy: selling it is the real struggle.

 Our partners collectively have over thirty years of experience promoting books and marketing authors.  We help authors with all of the things that drive sales and build their brands.  

Our clients have experienced massive turn-around in their revenue reporting; created multiple streams of income from developing companion resources, i.e., webinars, DVDs and e-classes; and developed their base of support platform so they get paid to speak and consult.  Our author clients routinely generate 250% increase in sales!


Our services for authors include:

- Publish independently on Kindle, Nook and Amazon so you can keep all your royalties

- Turn your book into an ebook that is sold globally

- Build and develop your support base from scratch so you get paid to speak and consult with individuals and organizations

- Marketing and branding strategies to boost your sales

-  Advisement on promotion and messaging, i.e., TV, radio and internet live-stream shows, press releases and blog posts by influencers

- Create multiple streams of income from your book, i.e., webinars, DVDs and e-classes

- Lead generation

- Clear sales track & encouragement

- SEO support & website development

- Full service editing and re-branding for those interested in releasing subsequent editions

Writing & Editing Services


We'll write your book for you!

Have the idea, but don't have the time to do the writing.  No problem!  You'll sit with a team of our editors, tell them your content, and we will compile it into a finished product.   

Social Media Services


We'll develop and run your social media accounts!

We have an amazing social media strategist on our team who will create, develop and do the day-to-day running of your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and IG accounts.  We'll post daily, so you don't have to!

Website & Mobile App Development


There's an app for that!

We have an amazing tech team that can develop and enhance your online presence.  We can create a landing page, full interactive website and a mobile app to showcase your services and products.  We also do SEO development. 

Free Consultation & Webinar!

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