Anyone can give advice, but only few offer access.

Everyone knows that getting into your desired career path is as much about who you know as what you know.  We have seasoned career coaches and recruiters that will guide you through the process and get you in the room so you can land the job.  


Phase 1 is working one-one-one with our career coaches to get your resume, online-presence and interviewing skills sharp.  Phase 2 is getting matched with one of our in-house recruiters, who have long-standing relationships with influential employers, to get you meetings in front of the right people.  Our career coaching clients report 38% income increase within the first year!

 Our services for job applicants include:

- Networking & Interviewing Skills

- Explaining sensitive issues, such as past justice-involvement, to employers

- Standing out from the millions of others who use online job platforms to secure employment

- Marketing yourself to employers

- Negotiating for salary and benefits

- Strengths Assessment: How to discover the gifts and strengths that make you unique and use them as leverage

- Developing S.M.A.R.T. goals (specific, measurable action-oriented, real-time, time-measurable) to create a clear plan to level up in your career

Resume and Cover Letter Writing


We'll do your resume and cover letter!

Our career coaches and recruiters know the buzzwords and language that makes resumes and cover letter stand apart form the rest.  You talk to us about your experiences -- and we'll do all the writing and editing for you. 

LinkedIn Profile


Let us create and edit your LinkedIn profile!

The first place many employers look at is your LinkedIn, both to see what you do and who you are connected to.  Our team will create, edit and enhance your profile to make it compelling and convincing.

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