Christian Battiste

Lead Recruiter

About Christian


Christian Battiste is one of the leading sales recruiters in New York. He specializes in helping professionals find their next role, but also find what they are truly passionate about.

Christian graduated from Stillman College with a Business degree and focus in Marketing. Although he focuses on the tech field, he has placed dozens of candidates in several different verticals, including healthcare, government, digital, and finance, and has worked with numerous global financial and technology companies. His biggest accomplishment was hitting a company national benchmark in which he generated $100,000 of billing in the first 6 months, cutting the normal year long timeline in half. Apart from being a lover of all things tech and empowering content creators through new innovative technology, it helps that he has an extremely magnetic personality that has served him well in building and molding consensus.

Christian's Expertise

- Employment seeking, advice and counsel

- Strategic relationship building

- Leveraging technology to create content

- Sales and recruitment strategies

- Aligning your passions with your innate abilities to find your profession