It's one thing to know what makes you different: it's another thing to leverage it!

 Our life coaching and mentorship services stems from I.M.P.A.C.T. (Innovating Mentorship Pathways & Accelerating Cultivated Transformation), which was originally inspired by Exodus: (1) to help you discover the gifts, skills and passions that make you you, and (2) to leverage it to achieve your dreams and goals.

Our life coaching clients receive an official certification when they complete their I.M.P.A.C.T. pathway, and they routinely report more sustainable employment in their desired career paths, higher income, better relationships and an overall greater sense of self, calling and purpose.   

 After your free consultation, you will receive a customized syllabus, which will include the foundation, the seven core competencies listed below, as well as enhancements, the elective offerings provided by our partners listed below.

I.M.P.A.C.T.'s seven core competencies

- Purpose Finder: Strengths, Skills & Passions

- Communication & Public Speaking

- Strategic Financial Planning & Entrepreneurship

 - Professional Development

- Education Enhancement

- Relationships & Self-Discovery

- Life Skills / Leveraging Adversity

Offerings Provided By Our Partners

 - Improve operational business processes for large and small scale transformations 

- Operational Foresight, Vision Planning, Strategy Mapping, Business KPI modelling

- Grant Writing  

- Legal advisement & representation

- Entrepreneur Counseling (i.e., improving bottom-line, cost reduction, improving collection targets, fee scaling)

 - Development for Emerging Speakers & Authors

- Public Speaking / Communication Skills

- Book Writing & Publishing

- College and Law School Admissions Counseling 

 - Wealth Management 

- Financial Literacy & Strategic Financial Planning

- Portfolio Diversification 

- Estate Planning; Investment Strategies; Budgeting

 - Management Coaching

- B2B and B2C Sales Strategies

- Insider Tactics on Telemarketing & Fitness Industries 

- Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Sales Skills 

- Sales Development Tactics

- Strategic relationship building

- Leveraging technology to create content

- Lead Generation 

 - Artist Development & Branding

- Talent Management

- Acting Coaching

- Script Writing

  - Establishing a personal brand

- Developing an online presence

- Interview prep and networking essentials

- Uncovering your personal legend


Discover What's Hidden In You!

This guide is split into three parts: 

(1) How to find your gifting and align it with your passions

(2) How to identify your purpose and move with intentionality in a clear direction

(3) How to cultivate characteristics of effective leadership 

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