Yorddy Velez


About Yorddy

Yorddy Velez is the CEO and founder of Love Your Flex, a personal fitness, health and wellness company.  He has over 15 years of Interpersonal and intrapersonal sales experience.  He has managed has managed sales teams for Equinox, Crunch and LA Fitness.  

Yorddy has conducted high-level sales seminars for management and C-suite personnel in the itelemarketing and fitness industries.  He is a certified personal trainer, certified strength and conditioning coach and martial artist. 

Yorddy's Expertise

 - Management Coaching

- B2B and B2C Sales Strategies

- Insider Tactics on Telemarketing & Fitness Industries 

- Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Sales Skills 

- Entrepreneurial Coaching (i.e., Sales Development Tactics, Lead Gen)